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“Curls” by JRamsView 

The majesty of the magnificent Red Woods couldn’t be showcased.

If it wasn’t for the strength of its roots, curling down through earth.

Cementing a strong hold that would last for centuries.

Individuality becomes hard to maintain when we bathe in the hypocrisy of society.

The power of the ocean is made to be felt by its forever curling waves, smashing against the shores.

Keeping us enthralled with the beauty of every outstretched splash, none similar to the next.

The undulations made by your hair captivate my attention like an insect on a web woven by the most beautiful spider.

Setting the most intricate trap which appears to have its own life, as on a daily basis it is forever changing.

As the most skilled driver, I want to travel with patience, speed and wander through the curves every strand of hair makes.

It’s been said “you don’t know what it takes” to take care of this mane.

Probably I’ll never know, however there’s one thing I do know.

The strength, individuality and magnetism that is conveyed by those untamable curls.

Could never be matched by this twisted society’s or your-hater-friends and family standards of beauty!

But, what do I know?! I’m just an individual who appreciates individuality!
José Ramirez

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